About us

Jane started Funky Feet Fashions back in 2002 when she decided on a career change and walked out of a career as buyer for a fashion retail chain and enrolled on a full time university design course.

“As part of the university design degree I had to make a shoe and my daughter Megan was a toddler then so I made the shoes out of sweets. I loved the design process and actually making them so I borrowed a friend’s sewing machine and made a similar pair of baby shoes in fabric. Friends saw them and wanted them for their children so I began selling a few pairs and from there it just snowballed and Funky Feet Fashions was born!

I experimented with colour, texture, fabric and design to produce the timeless designs we have today. I also wanted to produce something unique in the baby shoe marketplace. So I focused on design elements that really matter, such as making sure the footwear was machine washable and had non-slip soles for safety when little ones start taking their first tentative steps.

"As a mother, there was nothing more annoying than baby shoes that just fell off (or could be pulled off) so I needed a 'slip-on stay-on' design that really worked - which it does."

And 21 years of real world testing by hundreds of thousands of babies and children has proved it!”

Funky Feet’s made in the UK collection has truly stamped its mark on the children’s global designer fashion market and continues to make global strides (pun intended!)