John Annan MA, BSc(Hons) SRP, MCSP is a Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapist and in the past he has purchased several pairs of  Funky Feet Fashions footwear for his daughter and then (unsolicited) he sent us this email…

“I’ve purchased three pairs of your fabulous shoes for my daughter. The designs are delightful but my main reason for purchasing them is that wearing your soft and flexible soled shoes is as close as you can get to being barefoot.

There is some convincing medical and biomechanical evidence that when an infant learns to walk, it’s actually feeling the ground through their feet that promotes a good posture and easy walking style for the rest of their lives.

Aboriginal and indigenous peoples, who walk barefoot all their lives, are recognised as having the “perfect footprint” which suggests that they hold their feet in a perfect position whilst walking.

This is why I am strongly against putting my children in shoes which have rigid soles and sometimes even a slight heel, which has shocking effects on how walking and normal movement feels to a developing child”

So, not only is our footwear funky, it seems that they can also help children develop good posture during those crucial early years when they start to take their first tentative steps!

Funky Feet Fashions helping develop the perfect footprint