At last time to meet the children

Well have spent my first night on the floor sleeping with 8 strangers (who I’m sure will soon be friends) and needless to say, not the best nights sleep.

But never mind today I meet the kids!

So up early and off to the orphanage. We stop at a local market on the way to buy fresh fruit and bread for the children.

Buying fruit and handing it out at the orphanage

When we arrive we cut the fruit up and put it on the table and slowly they all started to emerge, a little bit shy at first but not for long. When we hand food to a child they would then always offer it to the younger ones first, looks like all the children really look after one another here – don’t think you’d see that back home.

The children are here for all different reasons. 91 in total, 36 are orphans and the rest either have a mother, father or grandparent who just cannot afford to care for them.

I spoke to one little boy who has been here for 5 years and had not seen his mother in over a year, very sad. I also had a lovely chat with a little girl and I asked her how many brothers and sisters she had, and her answer? 91! How nice to think that although they are there for the worst of reasons they do obviously feel like they are all part of one big happy family.

finger painting & ice creams with the childrenWhile we were there an icecream tuk tuk came by so we bought 50 ice creams for just $2 – much to the children’s delight!!!!

Wanted to stay longer but we have to get back to the Hope Agency village school to start lessons. But I’ll be coming back to see them soon.

Children at the orphanage

It was quite emotional to finally be there but I was really so impressed with the orphanage and how well the children are cared for.

Right, off to the village school next to meet the children I’ll be helping to teach over the next few weeks…

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