Today was a good day!

Yes, my first good nights sleep! Maybe yesterday was more emotionally draining than I thought or finally I’m becoming acclimatised. It’s funny, before I left I didn’t give the climate a second thought but the heat is truly intense and the high humidity means you’re damp (read sweaty) all the time. Even when you shower (shower? well more a saucepan of water poured over our heads) and dry off you’re literally wet through again in minutes, lovely.

Anyway enough of the my English obsession with weather, today was a good day!
Handing out your donations to the childrenIn an earlier blog I mentioned that I managed to get and extra 30kg bag on the plane with me. This bag was stuffed with all sorts of clothes that you all kindly donated (thank you so much) and today I handed them out to my classes!

The kids in my classes are so happy and smiley but some of the clothes they wear are literally like rags so it was fantastic to see their faces as we rummaged in the bag to pick out clothes. They were so excited and as soon as we’d find something that fitted them they couldn’t wait, they just put it on over what they were wearing.
New clothesAgain a very humbling experience seeing how happy these children are with simple things that we all take for granted, plus now my classes are the smartest in school!Look at my new dressOnce again thank you again to everyone who donated, you’re simple act made these children very happy today and I think these photos say it all!The children in their new clothes

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