I have arrived in Cambodia

Well, after months of planning and collecting donations, I finally touch down in Cambodia complete with my heavy bags full of goodies.

I’m met at the airport by Jason (founder of the Hope Agency) and three children from the school. It’s lovely to be greeted by their smiling faces after such a long flight. He drives me to the school in Bakod village which is around one and a half hours from Phnom Penh. Then at last, after 26 hours travelling, I arrive at The Hope Agency school. 

The Hope Agency School and an one of the outside classroomsJason shows me around the school which consists of two indoor and two outdoor classrooms, all very basic as I expected. 

There’s a communial area for all the volunteers and then two rooms for sleeping, so looks like I’ll be sleeping on the floor with eight strangers. Our washroom consists of a toilet, a saucepan (for showering) and the water supply’s simply a tank of rainwater.

My bathroom & bedroom for the next few weeks

So just got to unpack my bedding, put up my mozzie net and try and get some sleep, which could be difficult as it’s hot (in the mid 30s) and so humid. But at least it’s coming to the end of the monsoon season so the rains should just be in short, sharp downpours (fingers crossed).

Oh, I’m so loooking forward to what tomorrow has in store and meeting all the children!

Speak to you soon, night, night.

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